Yearly Resource Prediction

The medium and long term forecasts of wind energy production are, in many cases, an unknown for most energy operators At Geoskop we solve this question thanks to our extensive knowledge of global and regional Climate Models and a set of unique predictive algorithms, validated with several wind farms around the world

Modelling 3 secs Wind Gust

The impact of the wind on remote assets can be devastating, solar power plants are one of the most wind exposed remote assets A gust of wind may mean a loss of millions of Euros To minimize impact of wind gust in any remote asset, Geoskop carries out 360 ยบ studies of the return period of 3 seconds wind gust applied to different regulations ( CTE, ASCE)

Climate Change Mitigation

Investing on any remote asset, be it a wind farm farmland or a bridge, it involves several audit processes and complex negotiations (Due Diligence) The climate is another factor that must be considered in such investigations In Geoskop we offer information on how to mitigate the impact of the climate for the next 50 years taking into account different green house concentration scenarios