Geoskop exists to remodel how business perceive, respond and adapt to climate challenges. We provide organizations with climate predictive insights needed to become climate-resilient.


We believe that the impact of climate can be measured and assessed not by means of black boxes and fancy power words, but through cooperation and implementation processes with our partners.

Science - Based Excellence

We stand by scientific rigor and strive for excellence in climate intelligence.

Collaboration in Action

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, uniting our strengths to minimize the economic impact of climate change.

Professional Integrity

We believe in transparent processes, open communication, and sharing a profound understanding of our results.


Climate concern and a passion for science made the creation of Geoskop possible in 2020. Joan has always been involved in environmental initiatives and shared a strong passion for science and technology. Since university, there was a calling, a motivation to create a tool that has a real impact on businesses, society and the world.

In 2019, a casual parking lot conversation with a renewable energy executive opened the opportunity to create a tool to support organizations in becoming climate-ready and resilient.

Xavier and Joan, lifelong friends, believed in each other from the very beginning and decided to start up a climate intelligence firm. Along the journey, people committed to environmental consciousness trusted us and joined our team.

Casual parking lot conversation with a renewable energy executive

Geoskop propetary algorithms consolidation

Predictive accuracy of Geoskop validated Globally, by several commercial projects.


Geoskopwinner of AI4 Copernicus project becoming a de-facto member of AI4EU and Copernicus.

Supercomputing capabilities

Partnership with Deutsche Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ) through IS-ENES3 instrument.

Neotec’s grant for its scientific background

Partnership with the ESA to generate global Climate Change models to foster climate adaptation of European companies for the EU Sustainable Taxonomy

​Developed an AI to provide accurate seasonal forecasts of rainfall & temperature for agriculture. ​

AI4Europe’s Trustmark, cementing our reputation ​